Sunday, June 15, 2008

Odell Reserve

Odell Reserve is the crest of "our hill" here.

I spun around on my heel snapping pictures in all directions when we reached the top and used the software that came with my camera ("PhotoStitch") to stitch it all together into a panorama. It's more impressive when it's not broken up into chunks, but it was too wide of an image to upload as a big strip.

We had a great hike out there, there's a narrow winding path set into the hill running down to Old Porirua Road.

There's a water reservoir at the hilltop and right next to it, with sheer drops in all directions is... ...a mountain bike ramp?

The City of Wellington even endorses the idea.

Why waste a great hilltop with dangerous looming drops in all directions by NOT setting up a mountain bike ramp near the edge? That's my thinking.


Lee G. said...

Hey should check out this panorama software. It's pretty cool!

Here are some panorama I made with it:

Steve said...

Woot, thanks Lee!