Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winter in Wellington

Said Haley the other day as we walked to school, "Mom, this rain is really weird. It's just coming straight down not sideways."

update: more rain/storms forecasted for this weekend. Today's forecast, however, reads, "Fine. Northerlies freshening in the afternoon." I get the "fine" part. That means clear and sunny here. But what the *&#@ is "freshening"??


Anonymous said...

When all other efforts to cheer oneself have failed just remember: "This too shall pass."

Steve said...

Northerlies are good, though, we want wind coming from the northern tropical parts of the world and not the southern penguin-infested parts.

Anonymous said...

"freshening" means getting stronger.

Haley's comment is highly amusing, she has acclimatised rapidly to notice that aspect of Wellington rain :-)