Friday, April 18, 2008

Milky Way Bars

Milky Way bars here are just like Three Musketeers back home: just whipped nougat.

There's no layer of caramel on top of that nougat, they just cover the nougat with chocolate and be done with it.



Patois said...

They're the original, British version. The damn Americans bastardized the Milky Way, just as they bastardize everything.

I'm so jealous of you and your candy there, mate.

Peter said...

As She said! You need a MARS BAR. That is what the free world calls a "Milky Way"

Leslie said...

You need to try the Milky Bars! and the girls would love the Kiddie Surprise...I know I do!

MLW said...

Do they have Kinder Surprise there?
I used to think having those when I was a kid would have been SO COOL.
Alas, I just had two sticks and a rock.

Anonymous said...

If you want caramel topped nougat coated with chocolate, try a Mars Bar or Moro bar.

leslie said...

yeah..I meant Kinder Surprise...way better than a box of Cracker Jacks! So far have gotten a puzzle, a paint set and a how-to-do-nautical-knots-computer (go figure)

Nick Hood said...

Is it a Kiwi thing to steal bandwidth and copyright? Oh, no, it's what Americans do. NZ's are all descended from criminals, I guess, so a few more won't hurt.