Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Friday Night Pictures

There's a Pizza chain here in Wellington called "Hell." Their url is, and their phone number is 0800 666 111. It's an EVIL phone number.

Their pizza box is covered with flames:

The box has a pop-out cardboard coffin that you can construct yourself:

It even has instructions for building it and it indicates that it's for your leftovers.

It's EVIL!

I thought it was cool enough to share with everyone. Somehow I don't think a pizza chain like this would fly in the states. It's probably too Dark Sided and there'd be some religious nut-jobs picketing out front until they closed it down.

Speaking of nut-jobs. Here's the kind of product our progeny have been producing during their down-time from school. I came home one day to discover that Haley had filled out a Mad Libs thusly:


An anonymous friend-of-4kiwiwannabes tipped us off on this ad campaign for Hell pizza. I know for a fact this wouldn't fly in the states. 8-)


Anonymous said...

And across the road from Hell's Pizza in Khandallah, there is Pizza Devine. Staffed by pleasant young women, as opposed to grungy young men!

Patois said...

It's all about poo when you're that age.

SF.Shen said...

We have a long history of loving Poo! Tell H that Aunt R still answers to the name.

Anonymous said...

They do run some quite 'shocking' campaigns...

Steve said...


I have to add that to the article as an update.