Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday 10 Year Old!


Jacob said...

Happy Birthday you old lady!!!

Dr. Cathy Ezrailson said...

Wow, 10. Now you are in DOUBLE Digits! Those pix are precious, we see the same eyes all through them.
We have, as Zeyda points out, the 00000 Zip code pix -- in utero!

Patois said...

We miss you lots and lots Zoetrope. Eat some marshmallows!

Brandie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! We're so glad we know you!

david ezrailson said...

TEN?! Happy Birthday!!! I hear yall are coming back? Too many Hobbits? Joanne Im glad you liked our blog, we enjoyed the trip, I like your blog too! Well once again Happy B day Zoe from Dave, Ashley, Rob, and Rachel.

MLW said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!
You're a classy dame.
love you,
Marta, Dan, and Henry

SF.Shen said...

Dearest Zoe,
The bars of Lever and round window await your return. Until then, a very very happy 10th!
Love and hugs,
Aunt Sharon