Saturday, October 4, 2008

Togs or Undies?

My friend Lisa, an ex-pat herself hailing from Chicago, posted this hilarious video on her blog a couple weeks ago. It's a summertime commercial for an ice cream treat called Trumpets, a Kiwi version of what we would call a "drumstick" at home. I ripped her off asked her permission to copy her so that I could share it with you good folks who read 4kiwiwannabes. Thanks Lisa! Enjoy the clip!


Anonymous said...

I was going to say "What a refreshing and delightful way to sell ice cream," Then it occurred to me that the half-clad female image has been used to sell everything from cars to-----well you fill in the blank. So was that maybe not so bad after all? Or was it sexism, objectification, slimy soft porn? And what is this? More of the same in reverse?Help? How many feet do I have to get from the ad to make a sane judgment!!?
Well, I can't reveal my identity. Let's just say I'm too old to still be stewing about such.

Anonymous said...

In a (somewhat) similar vein, here is an L&P ad featuring NZ men in retro tight shorts

L&P Stubbies Ad

Lisa said...


You can rip me off any time...I'm just happy to share the "humour" :) By the way, I just might have to request your permission to copy your blog and post the "Funny As" video on my blog, too. I've been laughing all weekend and can't get it out of my head, "I need to get 'wheet', brew..."...that was funny as!