Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wellington Santa Parade

Today we took the train into town for the Wellington Santa Parade. Tranz Metro was offering free fares for children coming into town for the parade-a nice surprise. We walked from the station the few blocks to the start of the parade route and found our spots with a few moments to spare. Nothing like enjoying a beautiful train ride instead of driving around hunting for parking.

After the parade we had a coffee and a cookie and lazed around Midland Park on Lambton Quay where the City Council has their Christmas tree on display. The girls chased the pigeons and I snapped some pictures of the girls, in their new Christmas sun dresses, with the tree for a potential Christmas card photo. We walked over to the library to pick up some books, and then strolled down to Cuba Mall to eat "meal" at our favorite noodle house (we frequently have a late lunch/early dinner on Sundays and just call it "meal". Perhaps "linner" is preferable? How about "dunch"?)

We popped into a couple more shoe stores (third weekend in a row)hoping to find Merrell shoes or another dual purpose trainer/hiker for the kids. No luck still and we've tried pretty much every shoe/athletic/outdoor apparel store in the area. We're having really weird luck trying to find quality children's shoes here. On the couple of occasions that we have found a workable shoe, they are out of stock of the girls' sizes. I guess I'll have to order those from home. Grrr..

The sun was out, the breeze was enjoyable for a change, and we meandered back to the train station, looking in store windows and enjoying the empty streets that just hours before were packed with people. I love that feeling of walking in a deserted city late on a Sunday afternoon.


Dr. Cathy Ezrailson said...

Looks like spring has "sprung" finally in Wellington. Spring dresses for the "Santa Parade?" And, lovely in pink, those sweet girls are! But, THE SIMPSONS? I was surprised. Thanks for the glimpse of Wellington, too. We miss you! Send sizes for those hiking shoes.
Grandma Cathy

Steve Moseley said...

It is awesome that the concept of "meal" survives!

Steve said...

Master of commenting!

Steve said...

Spring hasn't sprung anything, btw. Last night was rain and hail and tomorrow we're getting southerlies and lows in the 9's (degrees C, or the 50's F).

As for the Simpsons float, it seems that promotional costumery and associated PR materials eventually make their way down here where they end up in parades or wherever festive colorful dress-up is appropriate.