Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can! (and we did!)

Well??? Can you believe it? History just happened! Thoughts??


jamie said...

Yay Obama! We're so very happy at the election results! My husband and I are moving to Wellington (for 2 years) next month, and it's a huge relief and exciting prospect to know the U.S. will be moving in a new direction.

Lee G. said...

Hey Steve...we fixed that Shrubbery problem. It's all good! You can come back now! ;)

Dr. Cathy Ezrailson said...

I can hardly believe that in my lifetime -- from MLK and marching in the streets of Laramie, Wyo for black rights -- and now, a great new opportunity for ALL people -- someone with heart who is not afraid to get a dog from the pound, to publicly complement his wife and daughters (same ages as Zoe and Haley), and to reach out across every boundary imagineable -- we do finally have some hope to mend our awful image and the damage that has been done to people not only in the U.S., but also in the world.

Patois said...

Oh, did he win? You hardly heard anything about it in England...NOT!