Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain. Oy.

I know you summer sunbathers back home will find it very hard to believe, but it's winter down here. And if any of you remember that crazy New Years' storm from a couple of years ago, you may have at least a small idea of what we're dealing with here.

It is winter in Wellington. And that means rain. Lots and lots of it. Big huge deluges with some hail and high winds thrown in just for fun. The ground is completely saturated. Heading out to the backyard to clip some rosemary for the evening meal yesterday, my feet squooshed and splashed with every step across the lawn and I felt like I was walking on a very wet sponge.

Just to recall, this is our second winter in a row. When we left in March, the last of the Northern California winter rains had just ceased, and things were slowly starting to wake up. And then when we arrived here, we had a few days of Indian summer (I know they have a name for that here, hmmm) before winter hit us and settled in for a stay.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm definitely feeling seasonally-affected. When the sun finally shone for a few hours today, it was all I could do not to stretch out on a rock and sun myself like a lizard. But now the sun has gone, and, alas, the wind is blowing in another storm. I've put my wool sweater back on and I've got my hot cup of tea next to me. Time to close the drapes, light a fire in the woodburner and settle in for some more winter.


MLW said...

MMMMMM, tea.
The rain sounds hard, but the time next to the woodburner sounds lovely...
Hang in there. It can't rain all the time, right? It has to end sometime.
You'll be laughing the whole time we are in our snowsuits and you are in your swimsuit!
Much love and cozy thoughts,
P.S. How was the big b-day?

Steve said...

Make no mistake. It sucks.

This is going to be remembered as "The Year of Winter" for me.

Wellington's wet winters make Marin's wet-ass winters seem cheery.

Jacob said...

August: it's the new February.

Anonymous said...

Sitting outside in the sun by the barbeque on Christmas day will make it all worth it. Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the rain. We are having the usual 105+ summer temps with a breather from the Monsoons. No rain expected until late Saturday or Sunday.
Don't forget to change the "e"!
Love you,