Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scattered Bits on Thursday Night

1. Marmite: not a fan.

I'm not sure if it was deliberately invented or discovered at the bottom of a jar as the remains of evaporation, but trust me: this is not food.

2. There's a "look" among young women in New Zealand that Joanne and I have identified. We see it with fair regularity. I mean this in the fashion sense of a "look" as in "five hot new looks for the spring season!" A "look" as something that women deliberately shoot for by careful wardrobe selection and makeup application. This look is probably best described as post-Laugh-In-era Goldie Hawn after accidentally receiving a basketball to the face.

3. "Epic" is epic. Use "epic" for "awesome" or "cool" in your sentences and you'll fit right in.

4. When refilling a prescription, going up to the counter and saying, "I need to refill my prescription" will throw the druggist for a loop. You'll get a puzzled look, a pause, and "Do you mean you need a repeat?"

5. When buying deodorant at the chemist today, I asked the young lady "can you tell me where the deodorant is?" and when she asked "for you?" and I responded "yes, but it's not that I don't smell good already." She didn't laugh. I have no idea if I crossed a line somewhere with that. Maybe she was still bitter about the whole "refill/repeat" thing.

6. The deodorant scent is called "Marine." I think back home this would be "ocean breeze" or "seafoam" or something like that, but "Marine" for me conjures up images of hull waterproofing paint, kelp at low tide and nose-broken drill sergeants in olive drab. None of these images are what the manufacturer is hoping for, I'm certain. There's some kind of ocean-related non-nautical-influenced, non-military interpretation that my mind doesn't alight upon as readily as the marketers had hoped.


audrey and josh said...

There are so many little quarky things that come when traveling to/living in a new country! So crazy! My husband and I are coming to New Zealand in August to travel for about 6 months... we'd love to hear your opinion of what to see, what to do and what not to miss... and I'll be sure to put Marmite on the list of "do not try!" :)

Brandie said...

A New Zealander told us that Marmite is a by product of making beer. My girls were given some Saltines with Marmite on them for morning tea and of course saw it, shoved it in their mouth thinking it was chocolate. Never have I seen something so quickly rejected. Usually they at least process the flavor but this just came right back out! MMMM!

Patois said...

So you now smell like marine life? (Not that you didn't already smell good, mind you.)