Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flowers for Dad

My Dad is in the hospital at the moment. This is the second family member to have an emergent health episode in the sixth months since we've been here. I don't need to describe what that's like, I'm sure your imaginations can fill in the blanks.

My Dad loves to take pictures of nature. We used to tease him that our family photos were more of the pretty flowers than the pretty daughters. Since I can't be there, I took these pics of the flowers in our garden just for him. Love you, Dad. Get well soon.


Patois said...

A very lovely get well card. Perhaps the prettiest I've seen.

[And has it ever occurred to you that the three of you were too ugly to take photos of? I bet you that thought has arisen. :)]

SF.Shen said...

... oceans can't change proximity to the heart ...