Friday, September 26, 2008

Spring Forward

FYI, Daylight Savings time starts here at 2am, Sunday 28, September. For my friends and family on the West Coast of the U.S. that means we'll only be 4 hours behind you. Well, to be accurate, it's 20 hours ahead. And, come 2, November when you end your Daylight Savings Time, there will only be 3 hours difference, or more accurately we'll be 21 hours ahead. That makes sense, right? Hopefully the time changes should make finding mutually agreeable times to Skype much easier.

p.s. To my friends and family in the Central Standard Time Zone, we'll only be 5 hours difference. Mom, what about you guys in the wacky Mountain Time Zone? You guys don't budge, right?


Patois said...

Well, I'm gonna believe that you're smarter than a fifth grader and your math skills are to be believed. So we can Google Talk much more frequently. I like that math problem.

Anonymous said...

Mountain Daylight Time will revert to Standard but Arizona will as you say "not budge" because we never budge either way. I guess they figger we have so much daylight/sunshine year round that there is no point saving it. Or could be we have so many quacks, kooks and superstitious crabfaces that we have to cling to sameness. Lotta old folk here. We don't handle change well.
love, m

MLW said...

Go Central!
I'll be here ready to skype when you are. Well, skype chat anyway.
$#^%&$%$ headset!

Lisa said...

Happy Spring! It will be nice to have some extra daylight down here in this hemisphere!

We'd love to see you guys over the school holidays...hopefully we can catch up!


Dr. Cathy Ezrailson said...

Hey Honey,
You are 17 hours ahead right now. When you do the daylight saving thing. I think you will be 16 hours ahead (Fall Back). Then we will catch up with you on Nov 2. We are on Central time zone in our part of South Dakota-- we are "east river" or east of the Missouri. In "west river" they are on Mountain Time. If any of that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

As usual you have given us something fun to think about, J. While we "Fall back" New Zealand is "Spring-ing forward". A real mind bender, especially when you add the zones and those who do and don't and the different dates for the changes. I think my head hurts.
I read that the water circles in reverse in the toilets south of the equator. And then I read that was a myth. Please advise!!

Steve said...

Nope, it's not fall back for us. Here it's not fall. It's coming up on Spring now. Spring Forward.

Joanne was right it'll be 3 hours (minus a day) to PST from here.

Crazy huh? The International Date Line is a bit of a brain bender.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the "honey" that the Dr. was referring to is Steve or Joanne, but I would like to say that they both seem to be very smart and at a minimum know which hemisphere they are in and the effects it has on both the seasons and subsequently with the tinkering of our time system.