Monday, September 15, 2008

Plantar fasciitis

Last week we had our introduction to the Kiwi health care system. Haley had conjunctivitis and needed some eye drops and Zoe needed to be seen for a pain in her foot that she had been experiencing off and on. Getting appointments was easy and speedy and I really liked our Scot doctor who made a point of talking to each of the girls about their issues and not just talking to me about them, in front of the girls. It was $30NZD per appointment for each girl, and $10 for Haley's eye drops. Nice!

As for Zoe, turns out she has a case of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the fibrous tissue running along the sole of the foot, which has been causing her pain in the heel and top of her foot. Like to venture a guess as to what caused it? Remember awhile ago how we told you about the Kiwis and their inclination towards barefooted-ness? Turns out our little Zoe's soft American feet weren't up to the rigorous demands put upon them by this Kiwi kid habit. So, for now, much to her chagrin, it's ibuprofen and no more going barefoot at school.


Patois said...

One of the things I miss most as a kid is the toughness of my feet, hardened by years of going barefoot in Hawaii. Here's hoping Zoe's feet harden soon enough to enjoy the freedom of bare feet again.

Brandie said...

I hope the girlies are feeling better soon.

And, holy new look Batman! Nice site!
Although, I have to admit to missing the four little kiwis.

Dr. Cathy Ezrailson said...

Poor Zo-zo and Hales. I hope they are both better, soon. Kiss them for me.
Grandma Cathy