Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

My mom asked for a video for Mother's Day, so we made this.

This goes out to ALL the mommies and their mommies from the 4kiwiwannabes.


Cathy said...

Thanks for the hammy whammy mommy's day video.
Love and miss you ALL.
Grandma Cathy

Anonymous said...

Love the video!
You guys are so funny!
Zoe, did you show your Daddy how to turn off the camera?
Alex says to hold the red button down longer.
Love you and miss you, Aunt Ruth.
Happy Mothers Day, Joanne (and all the mommies)!

MLW said...

"clearly, you didn't."
I'm sorry, but that just made me laugh OUT LOUD. too funny.
Thanks for the great video.
We had a brunch at home (with several mimosas, thank you very much) and I had a nap with Henry and had a pedicure as well.
Really, and almost perfect Mothers Day.
It looked like yours was blissful as well.
Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
m/grmma barb