Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shhhh! It's a Surprise!

Our container of "stuff" will be delivered today. I've chosen not to tell the girls, so that it will be a total surprise. Zoe has her first netball practice immediately after school, so they won't be home until late this afternoon. They're gonna flip!


Cathy said...

I'll bet that the playroom will be arranged on the spot. Be sure to take pix of the process.
How exciting.
Love you,

Patois said...

I want you to estimate what percentage of the container contents you really don't want or need any longer!

Steve said...

I wonder the same thing, there, Patois.

I'm guessing that percentage is probably pretty high.

I know I want our bikes, my computer an monitor, and my box of electronics parts. There's also a box with about 50 camcorder tapes of the girls. Beyond that I'm kind of drawing a blank on what else we actually need.

MLW said...

When I moved back from France, everything I needed was in that suitcase. Everything else, I could have just thrown out...
I wonder why I didn't?
I'm with Patois. Percentage, please.