Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Whew! What a weekend! We managed to pack quite a lot in and had some really good times with friends. On Saturday, Zoe had her first netball game (go Ngaio Sapphires!). On our way home we stopped and bought a barbecue then grilled up some grub for Haley's birthday party. We hosted friends Jim and Leslie and their sons Skyler and Brook (who I must mention was a great sport having just flown in the night before from the States), as well as our friends Jacob and Brandie and their daughters Sophie and Josie. Haley got some awesome presents (thanks, guys!) and I'm pretty sure she felt celebrated.

Sunday I went to the Food Show at Westpac Stadium with Brandie and a new friend, Lisa. Talk about a small world, Lisa and her family moved her in September from Madison, WI! I enjoyed some much-needed girlfriend time as we laughed our way through the aisles of the Food Show sampling the various meats, cheeses, wines, beers, chocolates, breads-the list goes on and on. The Food Show itself was great, but even more I appreciated commiserating with two moms who have done this crazy move to the other side of the world themselves. Can't wait to do it again, guys!

While I was at the Food Show, Steve and the girls picked up then assembled a bunkbed for Zoe. The bunks are the type that have desks underneath instead of another bed. Now both girls have more space in their small rooms, and it gets the beds off the floor which is better for air circulation in damp Ngaio, and keeps them up high where all the warm air is. They're both thrilled.

After the Food Show, we met up at Jake and Brandie's house for dinner. They have a gorgeous home in Miramar. I look forward to more good times eating, drinking, and testing the limits of the springs on their trampoline, in the future!


Anonymous said...

My curiosity has the best of me. What IS that red plastic thingee with the holes for eyes which Haley seems to be using for a chair??

I'm glad you found pals. Remember the Brownie song about new and old friends? I'll bet it is stuck in your head now!

Anonymous said...

Do I need to send some skirts for a kiwiwannabe? I think you may have to dress the part if you really wannabe. Zoe did!