Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hooray for School!

The girls had a great first day yesterday. They came out of school happy and energetic and chatty. The homework was light and fun, some maths (it's "maths" here, like mathematics) games via a website for Zoe, a bit of spelling, and reading for both girls which is part of our nightly ritual already.

Zoe has expressed an interest in the school netball team after hearing about it from a new friend. I think it could be really good for her. I'm curious to learn about netball which I had never heard of until we came here. I saw a bit of a televised game recently and it looks a bit like basketball without the dribbling.

Haley was still a little nervous about going this morning. I stopped in to chat with her teacher to ask some questions about the homework. I was confused because there is nothing to turn in, just a sort of checklist saying you have done it, which you turn in at the end of the week. Nice! Her teacher is young and sweet and very understanding of what Haley is going through, having moved to NZ from England when she was Haley's same age. It was such comfort to me to learn that.

Zoe begins her Maori education today. The students are taught the kapa haka. Not sure what is in store for Haley's day, but I look forward to the walk home to hear all about it. Stay tuned!


r_aeiou said...

Hi People
Welcome Downunder! Sounds like you are settling in really well. Congrats on such a big brave move.

Netball is weird arse game usually only played by girls in the Commonwealth countries and it is a fiercely competitive between AUS and NZ - well almost as rugby. It's a good team sport although can be hard on the knees. Kinda like Basketball but NO BOUNCING ever. Everyone has assigned postions and wear a position letter. I used to play and E still takes the p*ss out of me for it.

Ewen Rach Lily and Hamish
PS Lamb is very tasty.
PPS Rodney H was out visiting and showed us the blog

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Patois said...

So happy that the first day out of the gate was a good one. I dreamt about you last night. (And, remember, I don't remember my dreams as a matter of course.) Anyway, it was nice seeing you, even if only in the confines of a dream. Love you all. Miss you.