Monday, March 17, 2008

A Little Pick-Me-Up

How handy is a U-Haul Pickup Truck? I'd rate it somewhere between Very and Extremely. We rented one to take stuff to Goodwill, Novato Human Needs Center, my sister in law Ruth's house, and the Redwood Landfill (dump.) It was clean, had a nice bed liner so our non-dump items didn't get all scratched up and our stuff slid in and out easily. It wasn't expensive and it made a day's lifting-and-hauling pretty painless. We used to use our minivan for light hauling like that, and if I'd known I'd probably have saved the wear and tear on it and just rented the truck.

Now all of the Big Stuff is out of the house. At least, all that's not being used for Staging.

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Patois said...

I can't wait to see the staged house! As if anyone could ever live in such a home.