Thursday, March 27, 2008

Te Papa Day Five

I'm trying a little Photobucket action this time thanks to a tip from mlw. Flickr is great and all, but they limit the total number of images that anyone can view to the last 200 uploaded until you Go Official and plunk down some hard earned geeters. I'm going to hold onto my geeters and keep trying photo services until I real full photo uploading satisfaction.

One nice thing about Photobucket that I see right away is that it's dead easy to link to your photos.

Here's one of Zoe and Haley at Te Papa posing with various forms of kiwi bird:

Here's some kind of tricked out crab only found in these parts:

I wasn't actually with them when they went to Te Papa, so I can't really comment on it except to say that from the outside it's enormous and I hear they give away copies of today's Dominion Post there.

Oh, and here's the link to the whole Photobucket album.


Tim Park said...

Have you tried Picasa? It's another Google product, so it's probably going to be integrated deeper with Blogger in the future in any case. 1 GB storage free, though, could fill that up pretty quickly.


Cathy said...

Hi All,
I noticed that Zoe's blog is Kiwi Zoetrope. I found this pix of an old zoetrope she could use if she wants. How did you add your pix? I don't see a way except by the html tags.
Love you all,

MLW said...

May first shout out!
Awww, shucks.
Thanks, Steve.
You are definitely NOT the Schwag.
M. :)

MLW said...

uhh, that should have said my.
My first shout out!
Oh, nevermind.