Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week in Pictures

Today's blog entry is going to be mostly selected images from the previous week. It's a rainy rainy day in downtown Welly today and we're having a pretty lazy pajamas-and-TV day full of naps and lazing about. The weatherman says it's going to clear up in the afternoon, so that probably won't actually happen based on the general local apprisal of weatherman prognostication skill.

Departure and arrival

Day Two

Day Three and Sunshine

Day Four and the Beach

Day Five and Te Papa

Exploring Kelburn and Wadestown


Alex said...

Ruth here. The meat pies look yummy. And so many varieties!! Miss you guys at dinnertime! Love ya!
(Aunt) Ruth

Patois said...

Lots of fabulous photos.

BTW, Stevie, the 360 towel move worked. Eldest is playing it right now. Hooray for our brilliant techie!

Steve said...

HAHAHA!! You did the towel trick, that's awesome.

Bizarre Homebrew Hacks For the Win!