Friday, March 28, 2008

One KiWeek!

Today marks the one week, uh, mark on our Grand Adventure in en-zed. I think I should do something significant to commemorate the milestone but I can't think of anything fitting, free, or easily performed on the web. Instead I'm going to link a picture taken at Te Papa (the New Zealand National Museum---sort of like the Smithsonian of New Zealand) as representative of how we felt when we first arrived.

Now I'll post a picture of what we feel like now that we've been here a week or so.

It's an out of focus, suspended, skeletal whale. I really couldn't find a picture that represents how we feel now, but I found this one in the Te Papa batch so what the hell. We definitely feel better now than a rabbit-guts smoothie, though. And strangely, having an internet connection was a much larger part of that than either Joanne or I really feel comfortable admitting. The internet is our umbilical to the outside world and our old life and before we had it established, culture shock was hitting us pretty hard. I'd advise those switching cultures to consider the benefits that at least basic Internet access affords---continuity. At least if you're as internetty as we are. We're pretty internetty.

Today when I was typing an email at work, I typed "favorite" into Microsoft Outlook and hit space. The auto-corrector went back and changed it to "favourite" for me. We're not in Kansas any more, are we Toto?

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Peter said...

Ha! now you know how I have felt all these years. Favourite, Labour, Honour, Duty (but not dudy). Did you know it can take me ten minutes to order a Burger with Lettuce on it. (What the heck is Leddice anyway)and who, pray tell is this Paddy woman everyone keeps refering to?

Congratulations on making it past your first week it's all plane sailing from here on in. Have a meat Pie or some Roe and Chips and think of us in the old country.

We miss you guys.