Friday, May 30, 2008

Kiwi Kids Are Rockin' It

Kiwi Kids (R Rockin It) - The Starbugs

Haley came home from school today singin' this song. I love that Kiwi kids have their own anthem! I looked and couldn't find much information about this band, the Starbugs. From what I can tell they were a kid band in the 90's and their music was played primarily in NZ primary schools. Pretty cute to hear Hales singing it. I've got to get that on camera if she'll let me. And from my own observations, I can confirm that Kiwi kids definitely ARE rockin' it. :)

Here are the inspiring lyrics should you not care to/not be able to listen:

Kiwi Kids (r Rockin' it)

Now the game begins
As the spotlight beams upon us you can see us centre stage
We're your kids, your hope. We're the heroes of the future
We're the new, unwritten page
The time has come around at last for us to show the world that...

Kiwi kids are rockin' it, rockin' it
Kiwi kids are tops
Kiwi kids are living it, living it
Look what we've got
Kids can do anything, anything
Give it a try
Kiwi kids are rockin' it, rockin' it
Just watch us fly!

Now the game begins
You can see us from the sidelines, we are in the winning team
We're the best there is, we can take it to the limit
We can live our wildest dreams!
The time has come around at last for us to show the world that...
Repeat Chorus


Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

Really inspiring. Wish all kids could feel that way. Glad our girls have that support.
Love you,

SF.Shen said...

OK, that opened the flood gates. Made me really happy to know that Haley had that song to sing in her new home!

Anonymous said...

I am a Kiwi kid and this song has inspired me and my school chums to be more rockin'. Thank you soooooo much.

Darren, SNBS.

Moira said...


miley cyrus rule said...

i know how to sing that song easy.

Anonymous said...

thats our school song such a cool song

Rippaw said...

My primary skool from 2002-2007 (Tawa primary) changed the lyrics to Tawa skool instead of Kiwi kids. Somethimes it was Tawa kids but we usually sang Tawa school

Rippaw said...

Its 'the show begins' at the start not 'now the game begins' u have 2 wait 4 da 2nd verse 4 now the game begins

Anonymous said...

Cool! We sing that school @ ROPS. I love that

gemm said...

miley i am ebtter than you

Anonymous said...

wow so cool (:

Anonymous said...

I love this song. We sing it at assemblies everytime. They lyrics are so easy to say and learn. I just love it.:)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the maori part thats sounds like a haka? What are the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

We have that at school,now I know it better!

MiraCibo said...

I just have had my daughter come home singing this also. Does anyone know where I can find the actual song for download?

mystichuntress said...

I remember singing this song when I was at primary school!
Thank you for reminding me :)